Endodontics in Houston, TX

Endodontics in Houston, TX

If your child has a “baby” tooth that is extremely painful, it’s likely that they’re experiencing a serious dental infection. Thankfully, Dr. Hanna Park at Memorial Children’s Dentistry can treat it with a procedure known as a pulpotomy, during which we’ll remove the infected pulp and tissues and restore the tooth’s natural strength and appearance. If you think your loved one might be need of this service, don’t hesitate to contact Memorial Children’s Dentistry.

What Is Pulpotomy?

Pulpotomy is an endodontic service (similar to a root canal) that is regularly used on primary teeth that aren’t yet ready to fall out of the mouth. When tooth decay becomes advanced enough to penetrate all of the layers, it can quickly result in the need for extraction. However, this isn’t the best solution because the adult tooth may not have the path it needs to erupt properly if the original tooth is lost prematurely.

During the procedure, Dr. Hanna will access the inner pulp of the tooth and eliminate the diseased portions. The area will be thoroughly sterilized as well. Unlike root canals, we will leave all of the nerves in place. Also, if there is tooth pulp that has not become infected, this will be left as well. For these unique situations, our team will apply a therapeutic dressing that maintains the pulp’s vitality. Once we’re finished with these processes, our team will recommend stainless steel crown for full protection of tooth.

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