About Us

Pediatric dentistry focuses on the oral health of young children. Dr. Hanna Park is a highly skilled pediatric dentist, specializing in keeping your child’s teeth healthy and beautiful. Visit Memorial Children’s Dentistry to speak with Dr. Hanna Park to discuss your child’s dental treatment options.

What’s the Difference?

Many patients wonder what the difference is between pediatric dentists and general dentists. A pediatric dentist must complete additional training and schooling to work with children and adolescents. They are also skilled in diagnosing and treating complex dental conditions that may only occur with younger patients. Their expertise and knowledge when working with developing teeth allow them to provide you with the best dental experience possible.

The Care We Provide

Memorial Children’s Dentistry provides care to adolescent patients of all ages, including infants. The type of dental care your child will need depends on the extent of their oral health issues and the preferred treatment method you choose. Upon visiting our dental office, patients are often surprised to learn of the types of treatment we provide. Some of the specialized care that your child will receive in our office include:

  • Oral exams for infants
  • Medications that relax patients during procedures
  • Nutrition counseling and oral health education
  • Emergency dental care from professionals
  • Management of oral spacing
  • Elimination of finger sucking using appliances and other methods

Additional Care and Benefits

Our office is relaxing and fun, putting children in a playful mood and allowing them to let their guard down. We provide television, games, magazines, and other fun items in the waiting room to create an environment your child can feel safe in. Parents can receive information on how to take proper care of their children’s teeth as well as suggestions on the best oral appliances to use.

Dr. Hanna Park works tirelessly to provide premier dental care to residents throughout Houston, TX. To schedule an appointment with our dental office, give us a call or visit our office to speak with us.