Dental Crowns in Houston, TX

Dental Crowns in Houston, TX

At Memorial Children’s Dentistry in Houston, TX, we focus on your child’s oral health and keeping their teeth healthy and strong. We use dental crowns to minimize further damage caused by cavities or trauma.

What’s A Crown?

A crown is a cap for the tooth that is placed over the enamel to protect the rest of the tooth from damage. It covers the entire visible portion of your child’s teeth, taking the place of their natural crown.

How Do I Know If My Child Needs A Crown?

To accurately diagnose the extent of cavities, Dr. Hanna will need to perform a thorough analysis of your teeth and use an x-ray to examine the structure of your mouth. These allow us to pinpoint deep decay in your teeth as well as tooth fractures that compromise your oral health.

When Are Crowns Necessary?

A dental crown is often recommended when there is a large cavity in the tooth. Crowns help to restore the structure of teeth and protect them after damage has occurred. There are several ways to restore teeth, but in some cases, a crown is the best option for protecting the tooth.

How Does the Procedure Work?

Your child will receive a local anesthetic that numbs the site of the affected tooth. In some cases, nitrous oxide may be used to ensure that patients are relaxed and comfortable during the procedure. The tooth will then be prepared for the crown, with Dr. Hanna shaping it and allowing adequate space for the cap. A cementing mixture is used to bond the crown onto the tooth, which will help restore your child’s proper bite and the function of their teeth.

To speak with a dental professional about additional ways to restore your child’s smile using a dental crown, contact Memorial Children’s Dentistry for premier care. Dr. Hanna Park specializes in children’s dentistry and can comfortably place crowns on teeth to preserve their structure and your child’s oral health.