Importance of Teeth Cleaning for Children

Importance of Teeth Cleaning for Children

Jun 01, 2020

Dental health for children should be regarded as highly as that of the rest of their bodies. Even though few parents put forth measures to care for their children’s oral health, it still matters to dental experts. Infections are reported globally, with more victims being children. There are preventive measures that can help your child lead a healthy life when it comes to dental health. These preventive measures are the reason pediatric dentists exist. Read on to learn all about one of the most important preventive measures, professional dental cleaning.

What Is Professional Teeth Cleaning?

It is a process in dentistry meant to keep the oral cavity of patients clean and free from bacteria. Technically, you can never be as thorough with your oral health as a dentist would be. Dental experts have all the right gadgets and tools to achieve excellence in every dental work.

When it comes to kids’ teeth cleaning, many are not familiar with the process. Usually, people consider dental cleanings as only meant for adults. On the contrary, a dental cleaning is as much for children as it is for adults. If anything, children may need teeth cleaning more than adults, especially before they get into adulthood.

One main concern over children’s teeth is dental cavities. Between the ages of 6 years and 14 years, children are highly prone to dental cavities. Without the proper measures in place, your child can quickly succumb to dental decay. The worst case would be having permanent teeth infected at such an early age. This is primarily one of the main reasons why pediatric dentists emphasize the importance of regular dental visits for children. During these visits, your child will get all the care he needs for his teeth. During the regular dental checkups, the pediatric dentist will advise on when the child’s teeth cleaning can start happening.

When Should Children Get Their First Teeth Cleaning?

The health of a child should be handled more gently than that of an adult. A lot about a child’s life is delicate and sensitive. This is why there are dental experts specialized in children’s health solely. If you are concerned about when the right time is for getting your child started on dental care, reach out to a dentist near you for a consult.

Technically, children are ready for dental care the minute they start eating solid foods. This is usually about 6 months to 1 year old. Before teeth emerge on your child, there isn’t much dental care that can be done. Once your child starts teething, then you have to be concerned about oral health.

Even then, you cannot rely on a pediatric dentist to take care of the entire oral health of your child. Before you visit a dentist, you should put forth some measures to ensure your child’s teeth are clean. This will be important, even as your child begins professional dental cleaning. The reason is that your child will still need a proper routine for cleaning teeth between deep cleans.

Overall, the most appropriate time to consider professional deep cleans for your child should be 6 months after the baby teeth have started growing. From then, you can space up the deep cleans, so that you go visit the dentist every six months or so for the need deep clean.

Importance of Deep Cleans for Children

Children benefit a lot from dental care services. The earlier they get them, the better for their oral cavities. Some advantages of deep cleans include:

  • Fighting infections – it is hard for an infection to develop in a clean mouth.
  • Better oral hygiene – a deep clean leaves the mouth feeling fresh and clean.
  • Oral hygiene training – children need all the reinforcement they can get when it comes to caring for their oral hygiene. How to brush teeth, floss, and keep up the habit long-term can best be taught by a dental expert.
  • Early dental problem detection – since the deep cleans are done after dental exams, the pediatric dentist can spot any anomalies in the mouth if your child then. This makes sure that no oral problem goes undetected and untreated. This goes for any alignment problems of teeth, not to mention, jawbone development issues that are common in children.