Can You Die From A Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

Can You Die From A Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

One of the most common dental surgeries involves the removal of wisdom teeth or third molars. The wisdom teeth are the teeth that grow at the back of the dental gums. They are usually the last teeth that come out of the gums. In most cases, there are four wisdom teeth coming through the gums with each one of them position at every corner of the mouth.

In most cases, the wisdom teeth come through in the late teens or early twenties making them an interruption that people ponder whether to remove them or not. It is important to note that during this time; most of the people have already had their 28 adult teeth taking position. Under these circumstances, there is often no room for the wisdom teeth to grow properly.

The pressure from the other teeth makes the wisdom teeth to come out in an angle or get stuck thus only partially emerging. The whole outlook is not appealing and makes the mouth look crowded and crooked. You may opt to stay with them but it is critical to visit a dentist and have the situation corrected.

When to visit the dentist

If you are feeling serve pain, then you have no option but to see a dentist if you need the pain to go. Under these circumstances, the dentist may prescribe removal of the teeth. However, an x-ray of the teeth will be conducted to see the structure beneath the gums. A clearer view of the wisdom teeth is important to make the decision and determine any extended effects of the teeth removal.

Why you would need the wisdom teeth remove

You do not have to remove your wisdom teeth especially if they are not causing any problem. The decision to remove will be determined by the effects of the wisdom teeth and whether they are causing more problems and complications. Removing the teeth comes with the risk of complication that can be avoided unless leaving them causes more problems.

However, in some cases, the wisdom teeth may cause problems that warrant their removal. They may harbor food and bacteria resulting to other dental complications that must be addressed. Some of the complications include the following.

Tooth decay

The primary cause of dental caries or tooth decay is a collection of foods that encourage bacteria. Wisdom teeth may create a situation whereby a cluster of food collect because of the difficulty in cleaning the small spaces and result to tooth decay.

Gum disease

The same cluster of bacteria from the food can cause infections on the gum. Gum disease should be taken seriously and in the case of wisdom teeth, every after curing the disease the chances of recurrence are high because the primary causes is not addressed.


This is a situation where plaque causes an infection within the oral soft tissue that surround the tooth. The difficulty in cleaning associated with the wisdom teeth is most likely to cause this situation.

Cellulitis and abscess

Cellulitis defines the bacterial infection of the cheek, through and tongue. All these aspects emerge from the inability to clean properly the mouth. On the other hand, collection of pus is most likely to occur on the wisdom teeth or the areas surrounding the tissue because of the various bacterial infections encouraged by the situation.

Cysts and benign growth

Although this rarely occurs, it is still a risk. In some cases, the wisdom teeth that are yet to cut through the gum may develop cyst. A cyst is a fluid swelling that maybe very painful. The removal of the teeth may prevent this.

While teeth removal is an option to prevent these situations, the use of antibiotics and antiseptic mouthwash has the potential to prevent some of these situations if not control. However, this will put you in constant medication to address recurrence of these situations.

It is true, the removal of wisdom teeth maybe unnecessary under certain situations. It may lead to complications that would rarely result to death. However, every situation is unique in its nature and the positioning of the wisdom teeth. A dentist will make the decision on whether wisdom teeth removal is necessary in your case after an evaluation. The dentist will explain the ramifications of the wisdom teeth removal base on their particular aspects.

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